What are the different types of users in GoProof?

What are the different types of users in GoProof?

This article explains the different user types in GoProof


Publishers create or manage proof content from the GoProof Adobe CC add-on. They upload proofs for review and receive them back once they have been successfully looked at. Graphic design teams, freelancers and account managers who collaborate between the designer and the client would be typical Publishers.


Reviewers are clients, colleagues and others who receive invitations from Publishers to view proofs and give feedback on them.


Gatekeepers are like Reviewers but with more responsibility. They can send proofs back to Publishers to request new versions and have the authority to sign proofs off once they are happy with them. Gatekeepers can also invite more people to see proofs and change user roles if required.


Observers simply look at proofs without submitting any comments on them. This read-only access is ideal for occasional sharing or allowing someone to see proofs without affecting the review process.

Account Manager

The Account Manager role is basically a person in the middle between the Publisher (the designer) and the Collaborator (the client) who takes over responsibility to send proofs across to clients.

Copy Editor

A Copy editor is a reviewer/gatekeeper that has the ability to edit the proof text directly. A Copy editor can make their text amendments and see a preview of their amendments live in the document preview. The publisher is then invited to review the change requests, where they can import the changes directly into the InDesign document.