How do I import text changes?

How do I import text changes?

This article is intended to guide a designer through importing text changes.

Once you have received notification from your Gatekeeper that a proof has been sent back from review, you can check if there have been any requested changes.

1. Open your Adobe CC application.

2. Sign into the GoProof Add-On.

3. Click the Reviews Tab.

4. Click Open File to open your document.

5. Click Changes.

6. If there have been any text amends requested, the Story name will be displayed. Expand this entry by clicking on the story name.

GoProof Extension Story Name2

7. Only an edited document text frame will be displayed underneath the expanded Story.

8. A preview is displayed, showing the requested text changes.

GoProof Extension Story Preview2

Tip: Click on the Find Paragraph icon  if you want to highlight the paragraph within the document.

There are two methods to apply any changes. 

a)  Update Paragraph: This will apply all of the edits to the selected text frame in one single action.

Tip: To view the new proposed text without all of the highlighted changes, click on the Toggle Text Amends  icon.

i) To apply all of the frame changes in one action, click the Insert Icon

b) One-By-One, alternatively, you can step through the changes one-by-one, choosing whether to accept or reject the requested edit.

Red text with a strikethrough represents a deletion and Text with a blue background represents an insertion.


i) To delete text, click on the deletion in the GoProof extension, this will highlight the text within the document. Once highlighted, hit the delete key to remove the text.

ii) To apply an insert. click on the insert in the GoProof extension, this will copy the text to your clipboard, find the position within your document and hit paste.