Importing text changes from the collaborators

This article is intended to guide a publisher through importing text changes.

This feature is only available to Publishers.

Before proceeding, make sure you are familiar with the following: Accessing the GoProof extension and Reviewing comments from the collaborators.

Step 1.
In the GoProof extension, go to the Reviews tab.

Step 2.
Click Open file to open your document and then click Changes to view any comments or text amends from your collaborators.

Step 3.
If there have been any text amends requested, the Story name will be displayed. Expand this entry by clicking on the story name.

GoProof Simple Text Story

Note: Only an edited document text frame will be displayed underneath the expanded Story.

Step 4.
 A preview is displayed, showing the requested text changes.

GoProof Simple Text Preview

Note: Click on the Magnifying glass icon to find and highlight the paragraph within the document.

Two ways to apply text changes to the document:

Update paragraph

One by one