Sharing files with the collaborators

This article will assist you on how to share files with the collaborators when sending your proof.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you are familiar with Sending a proof – the basics.

Step 1.
From the Send Proof Wizard, go to the Share Files With Collaborators section.

Step 2.
Select one or more from the options provided which best suit your needs. Either Share original CC file, Auto-generate a PDF to share or Add other files.

Step 3.
Follow the next steps to send your proof.

GoProof Files Sharing

Share original Adobe CC file

GoProof converts Adobe CC files into PNGs before publishing them for review.

If this checkbox option is selected, the collaborators will be able to download the original files from the toolbar when viewing the proof.

Auto-generate a PDF to share

If you want collaborators to have a takeaway PDF file, select this checkbox option and GoProof will automatically create one for you.

You can also pick a PDF format to share from your list of PDF pre-set export options.

Add other files

Additional files can be added to the proof and shared with the collaborators.

Note: If you are sending the proof via the Upload Proof button on the website, the Auto-generate a PDF to share option is not available.

GoProof Files Sharing - Uploader