Sending a website for review

This article is intended to guide you through sending a website for review using the GoProof Uploader.

This feature is only available to Publishers via the GoProof Uploader on our website.

Before proceeding, make sure you are familiar with Sending a proof – the basics.

Step 1.
From the Upload screen, enter the website URL in the field provided.

GoProof Website Proof

Note:  We currently only support URL of secure websites to be sent as proofs. Make sure the URL dropdown displays https:// and the website preview is being displayed.

Step 2.
Select the Client and Project you wish to send the files in, from the dropdown menus.

Note:  If you haven’t already created a Client and a Project, or you need to create a new one, visit Creating a client.

Step 3.
Click Next and follow through the steps in the wizard to send your proof.