Sending a story from InDesign

Sending a story to your copy editors is as simple as ABC.

If your InDesign document has more than one story, you have the option to either send an individual story or send all of the stories. These options give you more control on which ones are being sent to your copy editors.

Before proceeding, ensure you are familiar with the following: Accessing the GoProof extension in the Adobe Apps and Creating a story in InDesign.

Send individual stories

Send all stories

Your copy editors will receive email notifications on InCopy stories that are assigned to them and/or available for them to edit.

Once your stories are sent to the copy editors, new options will appear beside your stories in the extension.

On the other hand, the text frames will be locked for editing and will display a no symbol over the green T icon.

Note: Copy editors require a license. In the event that you are adding a new copy editor when sending your stories, please click here to request a license.