Review Dashboard Icons

Review Dashboard icons

This article is intended to inform you what the different proof icons represent on the GoProof review dashboard.


When you visit the GoProof Review Dashboard, you may have noticed there are some update icons. Please see below for further information on what these icons mean. If you are ever unsure what these icons mean, hover your mouse over them to display a tooltip.

GoPoof Client Dashboard

Empty Circle – No New comments
Full Circle – New comments have been made
Star – New Proof sent for review
Check/Tick – You have completed reviewing this proof

GoPoof Client Dashboard

Text Proof (T) – Document text can be amended by a Copy Editor user.
Upload –  Upload a new proof version (Only available for Publisher’s and if the original document was sent using the GoProof File Uploader)

GoPoof Client Dashboard

Trashcan – Delete Proof (Only available for Publisher’s). Hit Edit to be able to select multiple Proofs.