What to do when an Account Manager receives a proof from a Publisher.

This article will guide an Account Manager on what to do when they receive a proof from the Publisher.

If you received a GoProof email inviting you to review a proof, click on the View Proof button to take you directly to the proof.

Alternatively, you can access the proof using the GoProof website.

Step 1.
Login to GoProof

Step 2.
Click the Inbox.

GoProof Inbox Icon

Note: Proofs that are sent for an Account Manager to action are only listed in the Inbox section of the GoProof website.

Step 3.
Click the Open button next to the proof that you want to review.

Step 4.
If there are changes that need to be made to the proof, add your feedback by using the comment tools, under the Add Comment menu.

Step 5.
Click on the Send button, and select one of the options from the menu.

There are two main options:

GoProof Account Manager Send or Reject

Reject the proof. You would choose this option if you are not ready to send this version of the proof to your client to review.

Any comments you have placed on the proof will be sent to the designer to see.

Send, this is the option to use once you are ready to send the proof onto your client for review.

Step 1.
Click Send from the Send menu options.

Step 2.
The next screen allows you to invite your clients by entering their email address into the Invite Reviewers section.

Step 3.
Optional extras include: Adding an Ad-Hoc message for this proof only. Enter a Subject and a Message. You can set a Deadline and Reminder. You can also enable Fast Sign Off or Make Confidential.

Step 4.
Click Send Proof.

Note: The proof will move from the InBox to the Review Dashboard.