What to do when an Account Manager receives a proof from a Gatekeeper.

This article is intended to assist the Account Manager in what to do once their client has sent a proof back to them after proofing.

Step 1.
Login to GoProof.

Step 2.
Click the Inbox button.

GoProof Inbox Icon

Step 3.
Click the Open button next to the proof that you want to review.

Step 4.
Here you can view all the proof comments that were made by your client.

Step 5.
Click on the Assign Changes button, and select one of the options from the menu.

You have two main options:

Assign changes
This is where you send the proof to your design team to make and amendments that your client has requested.

Step 5.1.
Click Assign Changes.

Step 5.2.
You can send it to the entire design team or choose an individual designer to do that changes.

GoProof Assign Changes

Step 5.3.
Select who you want to assign the work to, by checking the box next to their name and click Assign.

Back In Review
This is where you can send the proof back to your client. You may want them to take a second look, they may have sent the proof back to you by accident, or you just want to clarify some comments on the proof.

Step 5.4.
Click Back In Review.

Step 5.5.
Confirm that you want to put the proof back into review.