Sending GoProof emails from my email domain

This article is intended to guide you through configuring GoProof so the GoProof notification emails that are sent to your client come from your domain.

This feature is only available to GoProof Admins.

By default the GoProof email notifications come from the email address As a GoProof Enterprise customer, you can configure your DNS account so they come direct from you.

  • This will help prevent the notification emails being blocked or filtered out by firewalls and spam filters.
  • The email will come from a company or individual that your client will know and trust.

Note: You will need access to your website DNS account. If you’re not sure about this, contact the person or company who looks after your email and website.

Step 1.
Login to your GoProof account and click on the user dropdown menu.

Step 2.
Select Email Settings.

GoProof Email Settings

Step 3.
Choose Change Email Domain.

GoProof Design Email Templates

Step 4.
On a new browser tab or window, login to your DNS account and follow steps 1 and 2.

GoProof Change Email Domain