How do I setup my document to enable the Copy Editor feature?

How do I setup my document to enable the Copy Editor feature?

This article is intended to guide you through setting up your document for use with the GoProof Copy Editor feature.

In order to get the best from the GoProof Copy Editor, you will need to ensure your document adheres to the following requirements.

  •  Uses OpenType and TrueType fonts. This will ensure that the preview displayed when editing the text on the GoProof website is an accurate reflection of the InDesign document. The use of other fonts may result in the document preview appearing different to the original InDesign document.
  •  To ensure that the InDesign document retains text formatting, your document must use paragraph and character styles. If the text style is modified from the original Paragraph or Character style, then the modified style may be lost as part of the text reflow.
Note: For information on how to use Paragraph styles, see Paragraph and character styles

Once you have completed your document, you must add a Document Story to your document so the reviewer can amend the copy.

1. Sign Into the GoProof Add-On.

2. Open the InDesign document you want to send to GoProof.

3.  Click on the Stories Tab.

Stories Tab

4. If you want to create a Document Story and automatically add any Text Boxes within your document, you can use the Add all Text Boxes to Story using the following icon.

Add all text boxes

5. Enter a name for your Document Story and click Create.

Add all text boxes dialog

6. The Stories tab will now be populated with all the Text Boxes from your document.

Story populated

7. If you want to add your Text Boxes individually, you can create a new Document Story for the document by clicking on the + icon.

Add a component

8. Enter a Story name and click Create.

Create a new Story

9.  Your Document Story now needs some components adding. These are the areas of the document your reviewer can edit the copy.

10. On your document, select a text frame you want to enable the Copy Editor, click on the orange + icon next to your newly created document story.

Add an object

Note: You can add more than one text frame by selecting multiple frames prior to clicking on the orange + icon, you can also edit and remove frames

Your document is now setup for the GoProof Copy Editor. You can now send your document to your client to review.