How do I send a video for review?

How Do I Send a Video for review?

This article is intended to guide you through sending a video for review using the GoProof Adobe CC Add-on for Adobe Premiere.

In order to send a proof using the GoProof Add-On, you will need to be using an Adobe CC Supported version of Premiere and have already installed the GoProof Add-On.

If you have not already installed the GoProof Add-On, please see How do I install the GoProof Extension for instructions on how to install it.

1. Open/Create the video you want to send for review and add it to the Timeline.

2. Ensure you have signed into the GoProof Add-On.

3. Select the Client and Project you wish to add the document to, from the dropdown menus.

Note: If you haven’t already created a client and a project, or you need to create a new one, see How do I create a new Client and Project?

GoProof Extension

4. Click the orange ‘Send Proof’ button.

GoProof Send Proof

5. This will start the Send for Proof wizard.  Enter a Proof Name. By default the proof name is the document name. However, you can amend this here if required.

GoProof Send Proof Wizard

6. On the next screen, this is where you add your users and what their role is in the review process. To add additional Reviewers, Gatekeepers and Observers, just enter their email address in the Add User field and hit the enter key.

GoProof Collaborators

Note: There must be at least one Gatekeeper from the client’s side per review cycle.

7. If you enter an email address that hasn’t been used in GoProof previously you will be prompted to create a new contact.

8. You have the option to write a message to the Reviewers and Gatekeepers. This message will be included in the email the user receives; advising them there is a document for a review. If you do not wish to enter a message, leave this blank. Press Next to continue.

GoProof Extension Message and Deadlines

9. A summary screen is displayed. If you are happy with the information, click the ‘Send Proof’ button to send your document for review.

GoProof Send Proof Summary

10. A window stating that the video is being encoded will pop up as part of the sending proof process.

GoProof Video Encoding

That’s it! Your video has now been sent for review. Your client will be sent an email inviting them to review your work.