How do I send a proof to an Account Manager?

How do I send a proof to an Account Manager?

This article is intended to assist you in sending a proof to a client Account Manager.

This feature is available to GoProof Enterprise users only

What is an Account Manager?

The Account Manager is a person who’s role sits between the Publisher (the designer) and the Collaborator (the client). The Account Manager is the person who takes over responsibility and sends proofs across to clients.

Sending a proof to an Account Manager

Note: To send a proof to an Account Manager, the client must have already been assigned one. See How do I assign an Account Manager to a Client?

1. Login to the GoProof Extension.

2. Open the proof that you want to send to your Account Manager.

3. Click Send Proof. The below screen requires you to choose who to send the proof to, select the Account Mangers option.

Account Manager Workflow
4.  The next screen has the additional option of choosing which client Account Manager to send the proof to. Check the name of the Account Manger you want to send the proof to.

Account Manger Workflow choose

5.  Click Next to continue sending the proof.

That’s It! you have sent your proof to the client Account Manager.