How do I review feedback in the web browser?

How do I review feedback in the web browser?

This document is intended to guide publisher users through reviewing feedback from Gatekeepers and Reviewers in the GoProof web front end.

1. Login to GoProof

2. Open the proof you want view the comments for, from the Review Dashboard. Alternatively, access the document via the link in the GoProof email.

3. The proof will have been set to either sent back or signed off.

GoProof Signed off

4. Select the Comments tab.

GoProof comments tab

5. The Reviewer and Gatekeeper’s comments will be displayed. If there have been any replies to the original comment, then this will be indicated by a number next to the speech bubble icon. Click this to see the additional comments.

GoProof comments tab replies

6. You can either make the requested amendment or if you need more information, you can reply directly to the Reviewer/Gatekeeper by clicking Reply.

That’s it! You have reviewed the feedback via the GoProof website. Once you have made all the required changes, send the document back to be reviewed again.