Reviewing a proof – the basics

This article will take you through the basics of reviewing a proof. From the initial invitation, adding your comments to letting everyone know when you are finished.

In order to review a proof, you will need to have been invited to do so by a publisher user.

You will have received an email notification with a link embedded that will take you to the proof.

Step 1.
Click on the View Proof button within the GoProof review email.

Step 2.
The proof will automatically open in a web browser.

Step 3.
As a Reviewer or a Gatekeeper, there are various tools that can be used in order to review a proof. These are available on the green toolbar within a proof window.

GoProof Toolbar

Step 4.
In Order to add a comment to a proof click the Add Comment button and choose one of the commenting tools from the menu.

GoProof Add Comment

Step 5.
To place your comment, click on the page preview where you want to place the comment and type your comment in the new comment window that is displayed.

Step 6.
Once you are finished reviewing a proof, the options available to you will be dependant on your role.

ReviewerFINISH – This notifies the Gatekeeper that you have no more comments to add to the review round.

Note for Reviewers: Only select FINISH when you are done adding comments to the proof. This will prevent you from adding any more comments.

If you have selected FINISH by mistake, you will need to contact the Gatekeeper to reactivate you in the reviewing process so you can add comments again.

GatekeeperREQUEST CHANGES – This ends the review round for all collaborators and sends the proof back to the designer to start making the proof changes.

GatekeeperSIGN OFF – This ends the review round for all collaborators and sends the proof back to the designer letting them know that there are no further changes to be made.

Note for Gatekeepers: Only select REQUEST CHANGES or SIGN OFF when you are ready to send the proof back to the designer. This will end the review round for all collaborators.