How do I install the GoProof, Adobe CC Extension?

How do I install the GoProof, Adobe CC Extension?

By installing the GoProof, Adobe CC extension, you can upload your Adobe CC documents to the GoProof platform directly from your application, without the need to export them first.

You can use the GoProof extension in InDesign, PhotoshopIllustrator CC and Premiere.

1. Ensure that your Adobe CC application is not running. i.e InDesign, PhotoshopIllustrator CC and Premiere.

Note: Update or install the latest Creative Cloud Desktop App installed and file syncing is turned on.

2. Download the GoProof CC Extension from the Adobe Exchange.

3. Sign In to your Adobe CC account.

4. Click on the Free button.

Adobe Exchange

5. The GoProof Add-On will be installed on your machine.

6. An Adobe CC confirmation message will be displayed, once installation is complete.

Adobe Exchange install

That’s it! The GoProof Adobe Extension is now installed.