Editing proof text

This article will show you how to edit proof text and submit your copy changes back to the publisher user.

Before editing the proof text, please ensure that you are familiar with Reviewing a Proof – The Basics

Step 1.
Click on the View Proof button within the GoProof review email.

Step 2.
The proof will automatically open in a web browser.

Step 3.
On the green toolbar, click icon

GoProof Text Edit Icon

Note: If you do not see the T icon, then you are not currently set to be a Copy Editor. You should contact your proof sender or Gatekeeper and ask them to turn this feature on for you.

Step 4.
The proof screen will split into two elements, the proof preview on the left and the editor window on the right.

Step 5.
Select a component to edit by double-clicking on the T icon on the preview.

GoProof T Icon

Step 6.
Make any required edits to the text.

GoProof Edited Text

Step 7.
Once you have finished making edits, click Save.