Adding other files to a project

This article is intended to guide you through adding other files to a Project using the GoProof Extension.

This feature is only available to Publishers using the GoProof Extension.

Before proceeding, make sure you are familiar with Accessing the GoProof Extension.

Step 2.
Open the GoProof Extension, select the Client and Project you wish to send the files to, from the dropdown menus.

Note:  If you haven’t already created a Client and a Project, or you need to create a new one, visit Creating a client.

Step 3.
Click the Menu button on the top-right corner of the extension and select Add Other files to Project.

GoProof Add Other Files to Project

Step 4.
The Finder / File Explorer Window will appear. Locate and select your file(s) and click Open to add to the project.

Step 5.
Once added to the project, you can choose to send the file(s) or the whole project for proofing.

To send a single proof, visit Sending a proof – the basics.
To send multiple proofs, visit Sending multiple proofs.
To send the whole project, visit Sending a Project.