Generating URL for automatic login

This article will assist you in generating URL for direct access to the user’s dashboard.

This feature generates a link wherein it embeds your credentials into the link, enabling you to login to your GoProof account without having to manually enter your details.

Step 1.
Login to your GoProof account on our website.

Step 2.
Click on your Profile name located on the top-right corner of the screen and select My Account.

GoProof My Account 2

Step 3.
From your Edit your details screen, click on the Generate button which can be found in the Automatic Login area.

GoProof Automatic Login Generate

Step 4.
From here, you can copy the link you have generated or create a new link.

GoProof Auto-Login Link

Note: The My Account menu and Edit your details screen will look slightly different for the Collaborators.

GoProof My Account Collaborator
GoProof Auto-login Link Collaborator

Note: If you have bookmarked your URL and have created a new link, make sure you update your bookmark to avoid any login issues.

Also, if someone gets to your computer or you are using a shared computer, the other person will be able to auto-login to your account by using the link.