Enabling simple proofing

This article is intended to assist you in enabling simple proofing so that your collaborators only uses one tool when reviewing a proof.

Simple proofing mode is best used if you want just one proofing tool and simplified buttons to make it easier for your collaborators to submit their feedback.

This feature is only available to Publisher users.

Before proceeding, please make sure you are familiar with the following: Accessing the GoProof extension and Sending a proof – the basics.

Below are the four places where you can enable this feature.

From the Send Proof Wizard (GoProof extension)

From the Send Proof Wizard (Upload proof)

From the proof’s information page

From the Clients Dashboard

Note: Once this feature is enabled on your proof, the collaborators will only be able to use the Pin commenting tool which allows them to add a comment. They can also reply to a comment, attach a file to a comment and mention collaborators in their comments or replies.