Customising the invitation email sent to collaborators

This article will assist you on how to add your own subject line and message to the invitation email that will be sent to the collaborators.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you are familiar with Sending a Proof – The Basics

This feature is only available to GoProof Admins and Publisher Users.

Step 1.
From the Write Message step in the Send Proof Wizard, enter your email subject line and message in the text fields provided.

GoProof Invitation Email

Step 2.
Follow the next steps to send your proof.

Note: If you are sending the proof via Upload Proof on the website, the Write Message step will look slightly different.

GoProof Invitation Email - Uploader

Note:┬áIf you are looking to customise your company’s GoProof emails which are sent to all clients and users, visit Customising email templates.