Creating a group of collaborators

This article will assist you in creating a group of collaborators.

Adding collaborators to your proof is made quick and easy by saving the collaborators you frequently send proofs to as a group. Each time you send a proof, you can select the group instead of manually adding the individual collaborators.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you are familiar with Sending a Proof – The Basics

This feature is only available to GoProof Admins and Publisher Users.

Step 1.
From the Choose Collaborators step in the Send Proof Wizard, add your collaborators and click on Save as Group.

Step 2.
Enter the group name in the text field provided and click OK to confirm.

GoProof Collaborator Save As Group

Step 3.
Follow the next steps to send your proof.

Note: The group is created and saved which can be accessed again for future use from the Group icon and selecting your group via the dropdown menu.

GoProof Saved Collaborator Group

Note: If you are sending the proof via Upload Proof on the website, the Collaborator Group step will look slightly different.

GoProof Collaborator Group - Uploader