Creating a story in InDesign

Creating a story in InDesign with GoProof is quick and easy. There are three ways to do it. Let us show you how.

Before proceeding, ensure you are familiar with Accessing the GoProof extension in the Adobe Apps.

From the extension, select the Stories tab, making sure you have selected the Client and Project for your stories.

GoProof Extension Stories

Create a single story document (all text frames)

Create a single Story per document (selected text frames)

Create a Story per page

You will see a green T icon on each text frame that has been successfully added to your stories, provided you are viewing your InDesign document in Normal mode.

The text frames are also displayed as a list under your chosen story in the Stories tab. Clicking on the text frames list will highlight the said text frames in your InDesign document.

Note: Only text frames are possible to be added to a story.